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The top destination for finding the best sports betting sites for Qatar in 2022. Find reputable sites, safe & quick payment methods, plus answers to important questions. We’ve got you covered.

Top Qatar Sports Betting Sites

When you live in Qatar, choosing the right sports betting site can be difficult.  Every online bookmaker serves a unique mix countries, supports a unique selection of currencies and offers their own distinct features.  When trying to bet online from Qatar, your main priority should be to prevent wasting time at websites that will not accept your registration and many of the World’s  best betting sites will not accept your registration.  Sites like Ladbrokes, PaddyPower, SkyBet among others do not serve Qatar as a market. This is why you need to search for “Qatar betting sites” in order to find the most reputable operators that will serve this football-mad nation.

That’s why all the listed and highly trusted betting sites on accept customers from Qatar and offer payment methods that can be used from any Qatari municipality, whether you are in Al Shamal, Al Khor, Umm Salal, Al Daayen, Al Rayyan, Ad Dawhah (Doha), Al Wakrah or Al-Shahaniya.

Beyond this, you want to be sure to choose a betting service that is highly reputable.  All but one of our top betting sites for Qatar are highly visible brands that operate within the UK, one of the most-regulated national markets for online betting & gaming. The other bookie is one of the oldest, most trusted betting brands in the world, they just don’t serve the UK.

Below, you’ll  also find that we cover important topics and frequently asked questions with regard to online sports betting from Qatar so you can feel comfortable in getting started and learn a little about how best to proceed.

Qatar Sports Betting Laws: Is it legal to bet on sports in Qatar?

Qatar is perhaps the most progressive state within the Islamic world, especially when it comes to dealing with ‘vices’ that are ubiquitous in other cultures.  Qatar lawmakers understand that if outsiders are to feel welcome in Qatar, it is unwise to outright outlaw products and services that are enjoyed within those cultures.  As such, they have moved for example to allow the consumption of alcohol within dedicated areas in hotels and restaurants so visitors can enjoy themselves in the way they might in their home countries.  

The same approach exists with regard to sports betting and gambling.  Qatari lawmakers and leaders do not want gambling to be done in public, and this law against gambling is enforced.  They don’t want people gathering together for this purpose.  It is that step too far in contradicting the established set of laws for a Qatari way of life.  However, one’s home life in private is a different matter.  Qatari legislators are not interested in prying into people’s private lives at home.  As such, if Qataris or ex-patriots wish to partake in online sports betting from within Qatar, they have done so without repercussions from the state.

In the end, if you are in doubt about betting from Qatar, know that PSG has a sports betting partnership agreement with the Kindred Group, the parent company of Unibet, our #5 betting site for Qatar players.  PSG is of course owned by Qatar Sports Investments and Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.  In other words, the state head of Qatar is in business with one of the largest online gambling companies in the world through his sporting investment.  If it’s OK for the Emir in this manner, it should be OK for you.

Banking with your chosen betting site from Qatar: payment methods & tips

As stated above, there have been no issues with legal ramifications in betting online from Qatar.  However, you should still conduct yourself with care.  Essential to betting on sports is the act of depositing funds into your betting account and then the withdrawal of funds back to Qatar for your use.  These acts can create financial records.  From Qatar, you may use Bank transfers, Visa and MasterCard at any listed betting site with no issues, but if you wish to have heightened privacy, read on.

While you could likely use the above methods without issue, the fact is that perspectives of governments and lawmakers about gaming and betting can change over time.  However unlikely this may be, you may wish to take precautions by using banking methods that can act as an intermediary solution so that your Qatar-based transactions are not recorded as going directly to the sports betting site.  Such intermediary payment solutions include e-wallets, prepaid payment methods and blockchain:

For an offshore e-wallet, simply sign-up for a free account at their website, select your base currency and then fund the e-wallet via a credit card or your bank account.  Then simply use the e-wallet to pay into your betting site.  E-wallet provider EcoPayz is supported by Betway. Skrill and Neteller e-wallets are accepted by all our sites for bettors in Qatar.   

Paysafecard is the another prepaid solution.  It is available at local retail locations in the Persian Gulf region.  You may use them to make deposits at betting sites from Qatar.  Simply visit their website to find a retail location near you.  Withdrawals must be processed via bank transfer however.  

Odds are the life-blood of your sports betting experience.  They are what you evaluate when you decide whether or not to bet on a particular event.  If the odds are too low, it’s likely not worth your stake money to lay a bet.  But did you know that between reputable betting sites, odds are different?  That’s right - odds can differ from 3% to 10% on single event bets.  If you are looking at outright winner bets, bets on mid-odds to long-odds choices can differ by over 50%.  It’s important to understand that better odds mean better potential payouts.  But why do these differences occur?

Every betting site operates with their own odds margins.  This is the amount of revenue that the betting site builds into each event betting market.  Depending on how they approach their business, this margin can be anywhere from 1.5% (high odds for you) up to over 7% (lower odds for you).   

These sites have odds margins around around 2% to 5% for the biggest sports and most popular markets.  However, even sites that offer 4-5% margins can have higher paying odds for a given event or a given combination or accumulator bet.  This is why odds comparison can be so important.  If you are betting in combination, those bits of difference are being multiplied together with every selection.  As such, your potential payouts on 5-team accumulator could vary by 10%, 20% or even much more.  If you want to make the most of your stakes, you might want to operate with a few betting accounts and use an odds comparison website such as before you place your bets so that you can instantly find out which bookie offers the best odds for your predictions.  

KYC from Qatar: Your first withdrawal will require KYC document submissions

When it comes time to make a withdrawal from your account, your betting site of choice will look to ask for ID and document submissions that prove your identity to them.  There is no discrimination when it comes to KYC submissions.  Every person around the world that wishes to make a withdrawal from reputable betting site must supply documents that satisfy the site’s ‘Know Your Customer’ program requirements, no matter if they are from Qatar, the UK, Canada, Mexico or New Zealand.  KYC programs are required to be in place by sports betting regulators in order to prevent money-laundering.  

So we would advise you to provide these documents to your betting site before you might want to make your first withdrawal.  This will save you time as it can take a few days to review your documents.  If you do not submit your KYC documents early and your withdrawal has been delayed because they need to review your documents, have patience and understand that this is not some underhanded delay tactic.  Every customer that makes a withdrawal must complete the KYC procedures and it is something that you should expect as a matter of fact.

VIP sports betting from Qatar: Which betting sites offer the highest limits?

In the end, it almost does not matter as all our listed sites have maximum win limits that range from 500,000 to 2,000,000 Euros per day when betting on the biggest leagues and the most popular betting markets.  The top 5 football leagues, MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL are also in this top bracket for win limits.  So many people around the world are betting on these games, even a large wager won’t swing things too far out of balance, so they can afford to accept your large wagers.

If you really want VIP service however, 10Bet and ‘TheTen Club’ may have what you desire as they also have Arabic-speaking agents.  BetVictor also allows for very high win limits, and they now offer and Arabic-language site version, Arabic-speaking customer support agents which is a great combination for bettors in Qatar.

Mobile sports betting in Qatar: Are iOS or Android sportsbook apps available?

Mobile sports betting can be a contentious issue within Qatar.  If you are going to bet from a mobile device, do be careful in knowing your surroundings.  Use your device discreetly as you never know who might be looking over your shoulder and what their views on gambling and sports betting could be.

With that stated, mobile sports betting in Qatar will take place through the mobile websites as offered by each of our listed betting companies - they all offer them and they are all very good.  In 2014 several top brands still used WAP style mobile sites.  Thankfully they have all progressed to mobile sites that are highly intuitive and provide essential parity in terms of the number of betting markets and functions that can be used in comparison to a normal browser on your computer.  Apple and Android betting apps are only officially available to customers in a very limited few countries and will not be available in Qatar.

Furthermore, the lightning quick LTE networks in Qatar supply very quick responses, which is very important when you want to bet live and in-play.  The one aspect of your mobile betting that may be limited is with regard to the kinds of banking with which you may proceed.  With most sites, you will be able to deposit via your mobile, but withdrawals are often only available through managing your account wallet from a normal desktop interface.  

Which betting sites that serve Qatar offer the best odds?

No matter if you use and e-wallet or a prepaid solution, make sure that you set your betting account to the same currency as your payment method so that you only exchange currencies once for each deposit or withdrawal.  In other words, DO NOT set your Skrill account to Euros after you’ve established your betting account in Pounds.  If you do, you’ll be paying an extra set of exchange fees when you are funding from a QAR funding source based in Qatar.    

Are there any betting sites that offer Qatari Riyal accounts?       

Most sports bettors want to bet in their native currency in order to avoid paying currency exchange costs.  Fortunately, Betway has now begun to offer Qatari Riyal betting accounts.  Even so, with QAR accounts, your payment method options may be too limited for your liking.  Thus you may still prefer to play in another account currency.  When you sign up with your betting account, as part of the process, you will select your desired account currency.  The available currencies vary from site to site.  Each of our listed betting sites for Qatar offer accounts in British Pounds and Euros.  If you are interested in another currency, simply read our betting site reviews to see the available account currencies.

Are there any sports betting deposit bonuses available to new customers in Qatar?

The reality is that the majority of online bookies offer sports betting bonuses that are restricted to customers in a limited group of countries.  These generally include customers from the UK or western Europe as these are where most of their customers live.  Fortunately there several international bookies that offer bonuses to a much wider audience including those for Qatar.  Find these bonuses below. Simply click to visit them, and claim.  

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Do these sportsbook companies also offer online casino games to Qatar players?

All of our listed betting sites also offer an immense array of both online and real dealer blackjack, baccarat, roulette and slots games within their casino and live casino gaming verticals.  We have provided access to the latest new customer casino offers below.

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